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”ContractZen has improved the management of our important documents with much needed flexibility and mobility. For example, contracts can now be safely accessed with any device.”

"ContractZen is very helpful and easy to use – we are really happy with it. On top of that the customer service has been excellent!”

“Ahlström Capital Group consists of nearly 100 group companies and changing corporate structures require continuous updating of information... ContractZen brings us time savings and better internal service.”

We bring you peace of mind

ContractZen is a new unique cloud service that helps you to e-sign, manage and share your contracts, board meeting memos and other important documents easily and securely. With the help of ContractZen, companies of all sizes can be due diligence ready every day!

Contract Management

Smartest way to manage all kinds of contracts. Well-defined metadata models that make saving and finding documents fast and easy.


Meeting Management

Easily manage board and executive meetings for improved work efficiency. We help you with the invitations, managing the materials securely and storing everything in a structured fashion.


Financial & Administrative Documents

Store and organize all your business-critical financial and administrative contracts and documents in one safe place. Set automated reminders to make sure you never miss important deadlines.


Company Register

Manage complex company ownership structures and information about subsidiaries like the amounts of shares, board members, auditors, procuration holders, and related contact information.



Documents signed using the integrated leading e-signature services have the same legal validity and enforceability as traditionally signed documents.

Datarooms (VDR)

Share documents easily and securely with people outside your company, for example, in financial and tax audits, due diligence processes and joint venture situations.



Documents signed using our service have the same legal validity and enforceability as traditionally signed documents. Our e-signature providers are fully compliant with EU and US legislation, which confirm the legality of electronic signatures. You can be confident when using the signature services for your business agreements, financial documents and meeting minutes.


What do our customers say


“ As a company operating in the UK and across 23 countries in Africa, Contractzen has proved to be an ideal solution for us: easy-to-use and provides a very efficient way to help us run our business administration. ”

Yoel Kenan
CEO, Africori


“ ContractZen is a great SME/team contract management SaaS tool with no upfront installation and a very, very fast ROI. We use it to store all contracts: HR, services bought, subcontractors and sales. The inexpensive ContractZen saves time and money and is a joy to use. ”

Petri Aukia
CEO, Codento


“Ahlström Capital Group consists of nearly 100 group companies and changing corporate structures require continuous updating of information. The ContractZen Company Register stores information about key persons, ownership structures, board members and other basic data, and makes it available to the whole organization regardless of time and place. All in all, ContractZen brings us time savings and better internal service. ”

Ulla Palmunen
General Counsel, Ahlström Capital


“ Our board members live across the country so we’ve been looking for a smarter way for board communication. ContractZen Meeting Management solved this for us: it allows me and my colleagues safely access and share all the Board Meeting materials. The invitation and reminder features together with the fact that we have all that information and the history data in one safe place – instead of tens of separate emails – means that we are saving lots of time and effort. Our board work simply became more effective. On top of that it was very easy to start using the service, no training was needed. ”

Roope Noronen
President of American football Association of Finland, SAJL

Features you’ve been waiting for

Find with metadata-driven search

Our approach to search is by far superior to traditional folder based search. We use metadata to create dynamic views to all stored information. Just type what you’re looking for and the service finds what you need regardless of where it is stored. You can also limit your search to certain precise fields with just a few clicks. Search terms can be saved to easily create report-like queries: “Show me all the purchase contracts from this supplier from the start of this quarter”.

Remember important dates

ContractZen brings your contracts alive. You can set automated email-reminders to all the people in your team. Never miss an important date again! Contract Calendar -page shows you what’s going on in your contract database and the Contract Timeline keeps you up to date on contract history.

Import files fast and easy

ContractZen makes storing documents easier than ever. If the document is in email, all you need to do is to forward the email to ContractZen. We will automatically create an entry for you with relevant metadata already filled in. We even store the email itself as a PDF. You can also drag and drop multiple files simultaneously into the system. We make it extremely easy to add tags, crucial dates and counterparties to your contracts in order to turn them into intelligent documents that will drive your business.

Improve security

All documents are encrypted using RSA 256 encryption and the connection to the ContractZen service is always encrypted using Symantec SHA 256 RSA SSL with extended validation. Microsoft Cloud meets key international and industry-specific compliance standards, such as ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27018, FedRAMP, and SOC 1 and SOC 2. They also meet regional and country-specific standards and contractual commitments, including the EU Model Clauses, UK G-Cloud, Singapore MTCS, and Australia CCSL (IRAP). Our servers are located in the Netherlands with the strong EU data privacy laws.

Read more about Microsoft Azure Security

ContractZen features

Contract Management

Visual Tagging for Easy Categorization

Meeting Management

Document Linking

Financial, Administrative & HR Document Management

Metadata-Driven Search Across All Categories

Company Register with Corporate Hierarchy View

Audit Trail

Multiple e-Signature Services

Automatic Backups to Multiple Physical Servers

Datarooms (VDR) for secure sharing

Extensive File Type Support

Touch and Mobile Optimized

Flexible Permission Management

Clearly Defined Set of Metadata for Each Category

Unlimited Number of Documents

Drag-And-Drop File Upload with Automated Metadata Form creation

Excel Export

Easy File Upload by Email

Document Timeline for Team Discussions

Multiple Search Methods with Advance Filtering

Native iPhone/iPad App

Dynamic Folder View Based On Metadata

Saved Searches -Feature

Automated & Recurring Email Reminders

All Documents Encrypted Using RSA 256 Encryption

Unlimited Custom Tags for Flexible Categorization

Enhanced User Experience with Different Color Themes and Backgrounds

Connection to the Service Encrypted with Symantec SHA 256 RSA SSL With Extended Validation

Azure servers are Located in the Netherlands with the strong EU Data Privacy Laws

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“Microsoft values innovative solutions that support businesses of all sizes around the globe. ContractZen offers compelling solution for managing contracts, board meetings and key financial and legal documents for businesses to be due-diligence ready.”

Nicole Herskowitz
Senior Director of Product Marketing,
Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Corp

"ContractZen has succeeded in building a very versatile and easy to use cloud-based service. It helps us to provide the best possible services for our demanding customer base.“

Reima Linnanvirta
Partner at Alder & Sound