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Seamless compliance and due diligence management

ContractZen is a leader in Contract Management on G2

Accelerate your audit preparation with our customizable index models, for example, for legal due diligence and ESG. Streamline reporting in just a click using our Virtual Data Room (VDR).

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Make the outcomes of good governance visible

With SmartIndex, tap into the capabilities of the Multidimensional Index Model (MDIM) to craft diverse, simultaneous folder tree views from your core document repository. Ensure straightforward tracking for compliance and sustainability, prepare for due diligence, and guarantee secure sharing through ContractZen VDR during audits.

Streamlined GRC for SMBs

Efficiently manage essential Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) materials, ranging from contracts and board meeting minutes to certificates and financial statements. SmartIndex enhances the handling and secure sharing of these documents, streamlining both internal and external communication.

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Significant efficiency boost and time savings

SmartIndex helps to ensure compliance with diverse regulations, greatly reducing the complexity and time involved in legal and financial governance. It simplifies audits and data management, enabling lawyers and financial professionals to efficiently manage and respond to regulatory changes, thereby enhancing their operational effectiveness and risk management.

Multidimensional Index Model (MDIM)
Innovative indexing approach

Leverage the power of Multidimensional Index Model (MDIM) for multi-faceted indexing, making compliance tracking more manageable and intuitive. Choose from our range of pre-made templates, perfect for legal due diligence, ESG reports, and more. It’s document organization made super easy.

Streamlined due diligence

Utilize our pre-built, detailed table of contents for the Due Diligence process in SmartIndex. It efficiently handles large amounts of documents with powerful search features. With just a few clicks, set up and fill a Virtual Data Room (VDR), invite participants, and navigate the transaction more smoothly than ever before.

What is SmartIndex?

SmartIndex goes beyond being a tool; it's a transformative solution for businesses. Together with the ContractZen virtual data rooms (VDR), it streamlines the due diligence process while ensuring strict compliance with various regulations. This innovative solution promotes operational excellence, enabling companies to simplify audits, maintain accurate data management, and react quickly to regulatory changes. SmartIndex is the intelligent choice for your business, offering unparalleled flexibility, comprehensive coverage, and user-centric design for ease of use.

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