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Simplify compliance and enhance legal efficiency for your SMB

ContractZen is a leader in Contract Management on G2

Always up to date with effortless entity management. Manage corporate records, track subsidiaries & legal representatives, and more – from any device.

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Radically reduce your workload

Our Entity Management Software enables your team to easily manage and keep the subsidiary information up-to-date. Enjoy computer vision powered OCR to find everything you need – even inside the documents and images. On any device.

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Now with AI Assistant!
Our new AI Assistant, available as an add-on feature, provides an intuitive chat interface to effortlessly perform document analysis, draft tailored contract clauses and templates, and offer compliance guidance. Offering multilingual support, it's designed to be used by anyone within your organization.

Visual ownership structure

ContractZen's dynamic tree view offers a graphical representation of the corporate structure based on ownership information. This visualization helps legal and financial teams understand complex relationships between entities and enhances their ability to make informed decisions.

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Data at your fingertips

Our powerful search engine, enhanced with machine vision-based OCR and advanced operators like AND, OR, NOT, boosts corporate housekeeping by ensuring that any data can be found in seconds. This capability simplifies access to information, making it easier for teams to manage and locate specific details, thus saving valuable time and improving overall organizational efficiency.

Unified access across devices

Offering all essential company-related information on one screen, ContractZen ensures that data is easily accessible across various devices including tablets and mobile phones. This seamless accessibility improves overall productivity and responsiveness by providing crucial data at a glance, anywhere and anytime.

Centralized storage with global accessibility

ContractZen offers centralized storage of corporate data, enabling decentralized upkeeping. This ensures consistency and accessibility for organizations with offices around the country or world, allowing legal and financial teams to manage records efficiently, regardless of location.

What is legal entity management?

Legal entity management is the process of managing the legal entities that make up a business or organization. This includes the creation, registration, maintenance, and dissolution of legal entities such as corporations, LLCs, partnerships, and other types of entities. Legal entity management ensures compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and helps businesses to manage the various entities that make up their corporate structure.


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What are the benefits of legal entity management software?

ContractZen’s legal entity management software provides several benefits for businesses, including

Improved compliance

Legal entity management software enables businesses to track and manage their legal entities, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. This can help businesses to avoid penalties and other legal issues.

Increased efficiency

Legal entity management software helps with many of the manual tasks associated with legal entity management, such as storing and finding documents with powerful search functions, tracking key dates and deadlines, and generating reports. This can help businesses save time and increase productivity.

Better governance

Legal entity management software provides businesses with a centralized location for managing their legal entities, enabling them to make more informed decisions and improve their overall governance.

Enhanced risk management

Legal entity management software can help businesses identify and manage risks associated with their legal entities, such as compliance risks, financial risks, and reputational risks.

Improved collaboration

Legal entity management software enables teams to collaborate more effectively on legal entity management tasks, such as creating and filing documents and tracking key dates and deadlines with the help of automated email reminders.

Overall, legal entity management software can help businesses to manage their legal entities more efficiently and effectively, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and reducing the risk of legal and financial issues.

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