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Organize your next board meeting in minutes

ContractZen is a leader in Contract Management on G2

From scheduling the date to e-signing the minutes. Enjoy easy invitations, secure material distribution, efficient minutes creation, e-signing, task management, and more.

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Everything you need to ace your next meeting

Our easy-to-use cloud service provides boards and leadership teams, corporate secretaries and administrators advanced tools for easy meeting management. Enjoy AI-powered OCR, metadata-driven libraries, built-in datarooms (VDR) and more.

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Streamlining meeting processes

The all-digital meeting process allows for efficient scheduling, creation, and review of agendas and minutes, letting board members, legal counsels, and administrators concentrate on substantive issues. The ease of use promotes timeliness and eliminates manual paperwork, enhancing overall productivity.

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Enhanced security and collaboration

Board members and legal counsels can securely discuss, share, and annotate meeting materials. The robust security measures ensure confidentiality while fostering a collaborative environment, allowing for more transparent and accessible communication.

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Intelligent scheduling capabilities

By simplifying the scheduling process, CFOs, secretaries, and other stakeholders can quickly find suitable meeting times. This intelligent feature minimizes logistical challenges and streamlines coordination, contributing to effective time management.

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Effective task oversight

The task management function offers an intuitive way to create, prioritize, and monitor tasks, leading to better accountability. This assists board members and leadership teams in translating meeting decisions into timely actions, ensuring alignment with organizational goals.

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Cost-effective and secure signatures

E-Signature functionality enables legal counsels and CFOs to electronically sign documents with ease. This secure and cost-effective method reduces the dependency on physical documents, aligning with environmental sustainability and accelerating legal and financial processes.

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Efficient communication, and superior search

By automating invites and reminders, the platform simplifies communication for secretaries and administrators, enhancing meeting attendance and effectiveness. The integration of AI-powered full-text-search (OCR) ensures all stakeholders can swiftly locate specific information even inside documents, making essential details readily accessible in seconds.

What our customers are saying

What is a board portal software?

A board portal software is a digital platform designed to streamline the management of meetings of a company's board of directors or other governing bodies. It provides a secure, centralized location for board members to access and share confidential documents and other materials related to board meetings, including meeting agendas, minutes, reports, and presentations.

ContractZen’s board portal software supports a fully digital meeting process that saves time and increases productivity. Valuable features include:
  • Quick and easy scheduling with the meeting scheduler and digital invitations
  • A secure place for creating, storing and sharing agenda and meeting materials
  • Easy access to relevant documents and data before and during the meeting. AI-poweredsearch helps users to quickly find everything they search for
  • Structured creation and reviewing of meeting minutes
  • Tools for digitally sign meeting minutes and other documents.

What are the benefits of a board portal platform?

ContractZen board portal platform offers several benefits for organizations, including:

Time savings

Board portal software streamlines the meeting management process, making it easier to schedule meetings, prepare and share meeting materials, and collaborate on meeting agendas.

Increased productivity

Board portal software streamlines the meeting management process, making it easier to schedule meetings, prepare and share meeting materials, and collaborate on meeting agendas.

Enhanced collaboration

Board portal software provides a secure platform for sharing meeting materials and collaborating on agendas and meeting minutes. This improves communication and collaboration among board members, which can lead to better decision-making.

Improved governance

Board portal software can help businesses meet their governance and compliance requirements by providing a secure platform for storing and sharing meeting materials and minutes. This can improve transparency and accountability and make it easier to comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

Increased security

Board portal software provides a secure platform for storing and sharing sensitive information, such as meeting materials and minutes. This reduces the risk of data breaches and other security incidents.

Better task management

Board portal software can allow for real-time recording of assigned tasks, deadlines, and progress tracking, which can help ensure follow-through and accountability.


How can a board portal help your business?

Overall, a board portal platform can help businesses run more efficiently, make better decisions, and meet their governance and compliance requirements. ContractZen’s board portal boost compliance and transparency by creating a clear record of discussions, decisions, and dissent within the meeting process. This speeds up due diligence and improves your corporate governance profile.

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