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Welcome to the future of intelligent contract creation and management.

With intelligent document generation from DocFusion and metadata-driven contract management from ContractZen you can reduce time and cost spent on document processes.

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Work smarter. Get things done faster.

Create intelligent templates and automate your document creation process and workflows. Manage your agreements easier than ever before with the help of metadata-driven libraries, AI-powered OCR, built-in datarooms (VDR) and more.

DocFusion advantage

DocFusion is a dynamic, template-driven document composition and automation engine designed to help you manage all of your document content and processes. DocFusion has been built using the Microsoft Word platform which provides ease of use and limits the need for IT involvement. DocFusion includes features such as rule driven content creation, drag and drop designer, workflow engine, dynamic barcoding, managed legal clauses and corporate identity libraries. Read more on DocFusion platform at

DocFusion features

Rule-driven template creation

Re-usable content and legal clause libraries

Version controlled, role-based template repository

Microsoft Word add-in provides familiar designer experience

Generate documents ad-hoc or in batch

Preview and test a template during design time

Connectors to multiple data sources

Comprehensive formatting options

Drag-and-drop field mappings

Approval-based template deployment

Dynamic clause numbering and cross references

Multiple output formats such as PDF, DOCX, HTML, TIFF, TXT and more

Configure output document encryption, permissions and password

Post processing ability allows you to distribute documents through numerous channels

Office 365 integration

Workflow engine with tons of activities


ContractZen advantage

ContractZen offers a unique set of tools as an all-in-one cloud service: metadata-driven contract management, all-digital meeting management, built-in datarooms (VDR) and a company register tool. Enjoy AI-powered OCR and seamlessly integrated e-signature services. Unlike most enterprise-grade solutions on the market, you can try, buy and deploy ContractZen's easy to use solution on your own without expensive and costly IT-projects and consulting.

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