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”ContractZen offers a lot in one package and it was easy to implement. I would definitely recommend ContractZen to any company in a similar situation as we were.”

"ContractZen’s built-in VDR provided us invaluable help as we prepared and moved smoothly through several due diligence situations.”

“ContractZen is part of the legal tech revolution! It brings more fun & ease into the legal world. Highly recommended!”

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This is not just another VDR service

Together with the other smart features of ContractZen, we bring a new way of thinking about how documents should be shared. Set up a secure Virtual Data Room with just a couple of clicks. You’ll be up and running in seconds, and move through transactions quicker – saving you time and money. Welcome to the future of professional document sharing!

Robust rights management

With our security features and advanced user management capabilities, you can be sure that only the authorized people gain access to your data with the appropriate rights to read, print & download.

Metadata-driven search

Our approach to search is by far superior to traditional folder based search. We use metadata to create dynamic views to all stored information. You can also limit your search to certain precise fields with just a few clicks.

Smart tools

Users can track their progress easily by tagging the documents and the relevant attachments for better control of their work. Each document includes also group discussions timeline.

Audit log & Reporting

Knowing who's looking at your documents can provide insight to help you maximize deal value. We show you all user actions with IP adress tracking.

Leading security

All documents and attachments are encrypted using RSA 256 encryption and the connection to the Datarooms is always encrypted using Symantec SHA 256 RSA SSL with extended validation. Microsoft Cloud meets key international and industry-specific compliance standards, such as ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27018, FedRAMP, and SOC 1 and SOC 2. They also meet regional and country-specific standards and contractual commitments, including the EU Model Clauses, UK G-Cloud, Singapore MTCS, and Australia CCSL (IRAP). Our servers are located in the Netherlands with the strong EU data privacy laws.

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What is a Virtual Data Room (VDR)?

A virtual data room, or VDR, is a secure digital version of the traditional data room that holds the sensitive documents, contracts, and data that you prepare to share with a third party. ContractZen’s VDR serves as a cloud-hosted feature for sharing data and documents with partners, clients, or other external third parties while keeping them completely safe from hackers, rivals, and malicious actors.

How do you use the ContractZen VDR?

It’s easy to sign up to use the ContractZen VDR through our in-app store, either with a basic or a pro subscription. The basic subscription is always free for the first 30 days.

When you use ContractZen’s integrated VDR, you can add, share, and remove documents in a single click. Adding documents to the VDR is as simple as dragging and dropping it within the ContractZen platform. You can create secure datarooms and adjust access permissions smoothly and simply through the platform to share meeting minutes, contracts, or other important documents with external users such as auditors, prospective partners or clients, or other third parties.

Which type of business needs a VDR?

VDRs bring value to any organization. Every business is subject to tax and data privacy regulations, and could face an audit at any time.

Startups need to keep their house in order ready for fundraising rounds, takeover bids, and IPO opportunities.

Organizations in every industry and vertical want to be ready to respond to potential M&As and strategic partnerships, which can come and go in the blink of an eye unless you’re prepared to seize the moment.

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