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Say farewell to old and clumsy folder-based contract cemeteries. Say hello to modern metadata-driven cloud service with easy email import, AI-powered search, dynamic filtering and automatic reminders.



”All the teams in the hockey League store their player contracts in the system and use it to manage their own documents, in an all paperless manner. The adoption of the solution has made work faster and more efficient.”

"ContractZen has helped us to put our slogan "Go Digital" into practice. All of our contracts are now centrally stored and accessible anywhere and at any time. The solution really simplifies our processes.”

“ContractZen has made our contracting processes remarkably faster. In addition, contracts are automatically saved to the service after signing. Agreed matters are now easy to find, and we get notifications for important due dates.”

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Why is it so awesome?

Forget the costly and hard to use contract cemeteries. ContractZen is a turnkey enterprise-grade cloud service that is simple to use but technologically advanced with AI-powered OCR, metadata-driven libraries, built-in datarooms (VDR) and more.


Ease your work, reduce costs and accelerate your processes: sign your contracts electronically - easily and securely.

Automated reminders

ContractZen brings your contracts alive. You can set automated email-reminders to all the people in your team. Never miss an important date again!

Smart contract import

Drag and drop multiple files simultaneously. Or just send them easily by email. You can import even hundreds of documents at one go.

Dynamic folders for fast access

We use metadata to create dynamic views to all stored contracts, so you will find what you need in seconds.

Datarooms (VDR)

Share documents easily and securely with people outside your company, for example, in financial and tax audits, due diligence processes and joint venture situations.

Find exactly what you need – when you need it

Easy-to-use visual tagging lets you effortlessly set metadata and find the contracts fast and easy. On computers, tablets and smartphones.

Everything is interconnected

Just click any highlighted word on screen for instant access to all connected documents.

What do our customers say

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What is contract management software?

Contract management software is a digital platform designed to streamline the contract lifecycle. It provides a secure and centralized location for signing and storing contracts digitally, enabling easy access and versatile search capabilities, and tracking of key dates and milestones with the help of automated email reminders. With contract management software, businesses can optimize their contract management process, reducing risks and improving compliance.

What are the benefits of contract management software?

Contract management software offers several benefits for businesses, including:

  • Enhanced efficiency: Contract management software automates many of the manual tasks associated with contract management, such as approving and signing contracts digitally, sending notifications and reminders, and tracking key dates and milestones. This can help businesses save time and increase productivity.
  • Improved compliance: By providing a centralized location for storing and managing contracts, contract management software makes it easier to monitor and track contract terms and obligations, reducing the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties.
  • Better risk management: Contract management software can help businesses identify and manage contractual risks, such as non-compliance, contract disputes, and avoid missed deadlines.
  • Better insights: Contract management software provides businesses with valuable data and up-to-date information on their whole contract base, enabling them to make more informed decisions and improve their contractual agreements over time.
  • Improved decision-making: Executives can make decisions based on correct and up-to-date information to deliver company performance. All contractual information can be fetched in real time on any device using state-of-the-art search capabilities, including AI-powered OCR.

Overall, contract management software can help businesses save time, reduce risk, improve compliance, make better decisions, and ultimately achieve better results from their contractual relationships.

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