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Governance Suite crafted for your peace of mind

ContractZen is a leader in Contract Management on G2Improved efficiency, fewer risks, and instant audit readiness. Supporting SMB growth across industries.
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Make the outcomes of good governance visible

The all-in-one governance suite you can use instantly without costly consulting or time-consuming training. Elevate your organization's resilience, transparency, and value, while ensuring robust Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) practices. 

Now with AI Assistant!
Our new AI Assistant, available as an add-on feature, provides an intuitive chat interface to effortlessly perform document analysis, draft tailored contract clauses and templates, and offer compliance guidance. Offering multilingual support, it's designed to be used by anyone within your organization.

Board Portal

100% paperless and securely managed meeting process, from assembling the meeting to creating, approving, and e-signing the minutes.

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Contract Management

Easy-to-use contract repository with Al-powered search capabilities, and automatic recurring email reminders.

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Entity Management

Effortlessly managed corporate records with clearly visualized organizational structure and extensive search capabilities.

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Virtual Data Room

Immediate readiness for due diligence during M&A and audits with secure file sharing, robust access rights management, and dynamic indexing.

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SmartIndex offers a new way for organizations to manage and share their critical documents and information, enabling multi-dimensional indexing of the material for various purposes, such as compliance and regulative audits and due diligence situations

Cloud service supporting corporate governance


Become a governance hero at your company


Exceptional value to

can minimize contractual & financial risks, reduce costs, and ensure compliance.
can improve business and administrational efficiency and ensure audit & due diligence readiness.
can make decisions based on accurate and up-to-date data to drive company performance, strengthen resilience and keep organization primed for new business opportunities.
can drive secure digital transformation, enhance business and IT continuity, and get more value out of investments.
can securely share and store critical material and digitally manage meetings to save time and improve work efficiency.
enhance company value by bolstering intangible assets. They can sleep better knowing the organization is due diligence ready.

Why choose ContractZen?

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Unique benefits

Increased resilience and company value through managed, accessible, and auditable intangible assets, better business risk management.

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Disruptively affordable

Pricing suitable for both big and small organizations. Instantly ready - no need for installations, costly consulting, or technical implementation.

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Bank-level security

Microsoft Azure based cloud service with global data availability, continuous geo-backups, and security you can trust.

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A pleasure to use

A unique SaaS solution that seamlessly integrates your essential governance tools, integrating with Microsoft 365 and your favorite e-Signature solutions for added productivity and security.

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Simply enter your credit card details to continue with ContractZen post-trial. Payments are handled securely via Stripe, ensuring your information's safety. If you choose not to proceed, all your trial data will be deleted.

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Your Digital Hub for Corporate Governance

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Improve security

All documents are encrypted using RSA 256 encryption and the connection to the ContractZen service is always encrypted using Symantec SHA 256 RSA SSL with extended validation. Microsoft Cloud meets key international and industry-specific compliance standards, such as ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC 27018, FedRAMP, and SOC 1 and SOC 2. They also meet regional and country-specific standards and contractual commitments, including the EU Model Clauses, UK G-Cloud, Singapore MTCS, and Australia CCSL (IRAP). All data is stored across multiple redundant hardware clusters and is geo-replicated to another Azure datacenter to ensure continuity of services.

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Remember important 

ContractZen brings your contracts to life. You can set automated email-reminders to all the people in your team. Never miss an important date or deadline again! Contract Calendar -page shows you what’s going on in your contract database and the Contract Timeline keeps you up to date on contract history. Our Microsoft 365 Outlook calendar integration lets you see all the important reminders directly in the calendar you love to use.

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Import files fast and

ContractZen makes storing documents easier than ever. If the document is in an email, all you need to do is to forward the email to ContractZen – we will even store the email itself as a PDF. You can also drag and drop multiple files simultaneously into the system. We’ve made it extremely easy to add tags, crucial dates and counterparties to your contracts in order to turn them into intelligent documents that will drive your business.

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Find with metadata-driven search & AI-powered OCR

Our approach to search is by far superior to traditional folder based search. We use metadata to create dynamic views to all stored information. Just type what you’re looking for and the service finds what you need regardless of where it is stored. You can also limit your search to certain precise fields with just a few clicks. Search terms can be saved to easily create report-like queries: “Show me all the purchase contracts from this supplier from the start of this quarter”. You can also use Full-Text Search with OCR powered by Microsoft AI Platform.

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  • Microsoft & Google SSO
  • World-class security
  • Also on Android & iOS

We invite you to try out ContractZen free for 30 days - no credit card needed. The service is ready to use, so there is no need for complex set up procedures or consultation projects. You can start immediately with just you and your team and expand as needed.

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